DLA naturals

As a Belgian family-owned company that has been established in the Philippines since 1999, we develop an extensive list of products that perfectly fit the needs of Pastry Chefs, Bakers, and Chocolatiers around the world. We provide fine high-quality products that we like to divide into four main categories such as Fruits, Sugars, Nuts, and Chocolates. In order to create the finest products on the market, we must use the finest grades of ingredients in our preparations. This is why we source our ingredients straight from carefully selected farms, such as Cherries from France, Blueberries from Canada, Cocoa Beans from Ghana or Ecuador, and even Black Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar. Our experience and heritage has led us to create exquisite products made from the finest raw materials and based on the strong craftsmanship and ancestral production processes fine-tuned by our fellow Belgian artisans, right here, in the heart of Asia.